Smyrna Bowling Center's Civic Involvement

Smyrna Bowling Center believes to be successful, we must be part of the community. Continued involvement in the Rutherford County Chamber of Commerce, Smyrna Rotary and other organizations keeps us in touch with opportunities to support a stronger community and general sense of community.

Starting with schools, Smyrna Bowling Center is very active through a variety of different mechanisms.

  • Our In School Bowling Program offers physical education teachers a fun and useful curriculum to place in front of their students during the P. E. classes. We provide the equipment and lesson plans. This exposes young people to the fun and enjoyment of bowling as an active physical pursuit.

  • Gifts for school fund raisers are also an important service we support. A solid education for our youth builds our community, and we are happy to support that.

  • Cash donations to PTO and other school organizations are an important opportunity for Smyrna Bowling Center to lend a helping hand in the education of area young people.

  • Our School Break Special has been a great success. Each school break, we offer a game of bowling and shoes to any area student who comes in. All we ask is for a voluntary donation of $1.00 which is in turn donated to school libraries (County, City & Private). In its first year, Smyrna Bowling Center had the honor of contributing more than $18,000 to local schools.

Smyrna Bowling Center works with many churches and non-profit organizations in their fundraising efforts. From hosting events at our facility or providing equipment and coupons for festivals, to contributing to silent auctions, we are happy for the opportunity to add to these efforts.

Smyrna Bowling Center contributes annually to the Smyrna Rotary Wings of Freedom Fish Fry which has raised more than $300,000 in seven years for local non-profits. Key beneficiaries have been the Red Cross, Smyrna-LaVergne Food Bank, Boys & Girls Club and many more worthy groups. The event itself annually honors local heroes.

Maintaining this sort of involvement in our community is at the heart of the philosophy that drives how Smyrna Bowling Center operates. We are honored to work beside other community organizations in supporting a stronger community.

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